Louis Branchinelli Better Known As  “Lou B ”

Louis Branchinelli has a reputation as one of the top event promoters in the country, producing events from stadiums to shores for the biggest acts in Electronic Music. His breadth of technical knowledge and creativity producing events has earned him the trust and confidence of some of the most successful talent agencies, venues and people in the entertainment industry. His experiences and perspective have fostered a highly adaptable approach to marketing that bridges generations. Mr. Branchinelli is also one of the  founders of Electronic Kingdom Records, Management & Marketing.

Owned Nightclubs

Life Southampton NY

Space Southampton NY

Tavern Southampton NY

Developed Weekly Party’s

Posh Thursdays Garden City Hotel Long Island NY Thursdays 4 years

Glo Dance Fridays Long Island NY 3 years

Aura Thursdays Long Island NY Grand Opening Summer on 2012

Body English Tuesdays 2013 to Present

Love Dance Fridays 2013 to 2015

Pacha Nyc Fridays And Saturdays 2009 to Present Day

Management Company

Jonathan Peters 2005 to 2010

Chriss Vargas 2009 – Present

In Association with Pacha NYC / Rob Promotions

Governors Island Events Summer of 2011

Pier 94 New Years Eve 2012

Neptune’s Hamptons NY Holiday Weekends

Surfclub NJ summer 2011

Over 30 Events @ Pacha NYC

Asseteria Sundays

Watertaxi Beach Ny

Dance Here Now Festival 2011

Head Promoter For Pacha 2014 to Present Day

In Association With Live Nation 

Identity Festival NY  2011

Identity Festival  NY 2012

Record Label & Studio

Owner Of Electronic Kingdom LLC

Record Label Since 2013 to Present Day

Music / Band Development